Joe + Val

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Joe, being one of my best friends since grade school, approached me with a proposal: "Aye brah, i'm going to propose to my girl but I told her we're taking holiday photos. Can you take our photos?". A barter was made over a 2 liter bottle of Jameson and the date and location was set. Unbeknownst to Valerie of our plan(which I honestly believe she already knew since it was pretty obvious), she was delightfully shocked as Joe took a knee while on our planned proposal spot and popped the question

Congratulations you two, looking forward to the wedding day!


 (introduction of what the photos are about and Joe's been your boy since blah blah blah)


( maybe you could talk about the Japanese Tea Garden being one of your favorite shooting locations)


(Joe's pretense that it's for holiday photos and how he said he really wanted photos that they'll both remember)


(Joe has something to ask her)


("No one saw it coming.")

"Joe got the answer he's been waiting for all his life.")

("She said yes!")

something about being stronger when they're together)

(and now they look on to their future together)




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