Japanese Supercar Meet II

May 20, 2014  •  2 Comments

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While Bay to Breakers was happening, another epic race slipped by unnoticed from the public. This is when MKIV Supras, NSXs, GTRs and FD RX7s take on their own lap around the SF Bay Area, taking advantage of the light traffic and distracted law enforcement.

If you actually went to the meet, feel free to tag yourself in my facebook gallery:

If you've ever seen any of the Fast and Furious movies where a huge group of cars roll out at once and cleared the parking lot in less than half a minute, it’s a sight to behold in person. Watching these highly modded cars mix in with normal traffic seemed surreal and I'm pretty sure other motorists were just as in awe if not confused from getting bum rushed by a bunch of loud cars.

The temperature was a nice 67-70*F but to most of us Daly City-SF folks, its hot weather. 


The smell of brunt 100 octane and e85 mixing in the air on a hot day reminded me of the time when I was shooting UMS Time Attack in Phoenix AZ. Instead of walking around the pit lane while teams were prepping their cars, I’m hanging half way out the window trying to nail my rolling shots. Every flyby would leave a trail of god knows what kind of carcinogenic hydrocarbons coming out of the exhaust and wastegate, but I believe it’s either most addictive smell ever or the unburnt fuel impaired my judgement.

It was an interesting mixture of Supras in varying degree of modification, from 200hp Non-turbo stock variants to 800hp fuck-all in your face single turbo jelly beans.  

The turnout was great, there were cars from all over Northern /Central California and Nevada that showed up. The biggest surprise was one of the GT-Rs drove all the way from Idaho to join this meet. 

Alain's batmobile NSX was one of the big head turners in the meet. I think this was my most photographed car in the meet since it just reeks of badass in any angle. I'll be shooting his car once he's done with a few aero adjustments, so stay tuned and keep an eye out for an update on this murdered-out NSX.
This GT-R was the show stopper and earned its place right in the middle of the group photo (which was kind of botched thanks to a poorly placed Chevy Aveo). A fine example of a well modded and visually stunning beast.
Here you can see Bohan walking up to me wondering why I was so fixated on this particular Supra. "Holy shit, it has LED tail lights!" I mentioned, thinking about how awesome they looked on the Top Secret Widebody Supra. "Well, arent LED tails normal" Bohan said, reminding me that these vehicles are nearly 20 years old.
But fuck me sideways if they aren't one of the best looking things on the road today.
Special thanks to Evan Zhang for pulling this meet together as well as Alain from CA NSX, Brian from Norcal GTR and Moe from Norcal Supras and to everyone that showed up. 


Thanks for documenting this event with all the great pictures! You are damn good at what you do!!
Title is misleading. Should be called: "Exclusive Supra, RX7 and GT-R Meet"
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