Fanime 2016 Photo Coverage - Day 1

June 09, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

It's finally over; Fanime 2016 and all 4 days of its glory had passed and we're all let here feeling a sense of emptiness - some may call it Post Con Depression. For us that do media, we hit the ground running with all the photos and video collected throughout the weekend, sorting though thousands of photos or hours of footage and carefully crafting together galleries and reels while managing inboxes full of anticipating cosplayers. It's hard to balance work/personal life when an overbearing sense of pressure from all front to deliver the goods breathes down your neck, but alas: patience​ is a virtue. It's a pattern that occurs every year - a drought of coverage the first week, save for a couple of mobile uploads, then a full on media assault on all social networks. Here's my little contribution to that. 

This year was a little different - I wanted to do more video this time so I limited myself from photography. And instead of sniping shots from far away with my 400mm f/2.8, I had a speedlight setup to do staged shoots. 

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On day 1, I stopped by Doubletree to do a shoot with @
kyuteapiecosplay, @ryuzaki_cosplay, @delverite, and @n1ghtghost. They pretty much drove up from SoCal that morning, prepped for fanime and did the shoot.

After that, I picked up my pass from the Clockwork Alchemy booth and headed towards SJCC to take a few quick shots of the happenings outside the con.

Trying to dodge the heat, I headed over to the Fairmont since I've scheduled a shoot with my friend @
kissywan. We went to the fountain right out front since the Fairmont pool did not allow photos/video. We quickly found out that the water is recycled nastiness that's been collected and pumped out for who knows how long. It was shocking to watch people bathe in this and parents letting their children play around it. We wrapped out as fast as possible and GTFO there. 

I decided to snipe a few more shots before switching over to video. The sun was playing nice this time so I was able to get some solid footage (seen here). Enjoy the rest of the photos!


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