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Fanime 2014

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So after shooting Fanime for a couple of years, sometimes things get stagnant and you sorta run our of ideas on how to make things look good outside of a full strobe setup and hours of digital composting in all the glitz and the glamour.  Everyone was shooting with almost the same setup, so I had to do something different if not slightly ridiculous. 

So this year, I decided to ditch all my lenses and flashes and bring my 300mm f/2.8 IS around and shoot Fanime like how I would shoot motorsports; set the continuous shooting to the highest FPS while racking focus and just burst mode as much as I can before someone walks into my line of sight. It makes for interesting portraits and its a huge challenge in the technical standpoint.  So without further delay, here are a select cherry-picked photos that turned out decent:


This costume was one of my favorites since a) the materials and colors used rendered nicely during post and b) it was pretty badass. The 300 rendered the background trees and cement wall nicely into an almost studio-like backdrop 

It was hard trying to shoot through the crowd and once in a while, the stars and planets align as well as the subject, sun and small window of clearance. This moment only last for a few seconds and it takes a bit of self control to wait for that one moment when the pose is just right. It also takes a bit of self control to not monopod-rape anyone that just gets in my line of sight, but you learn how to work around it... or at least try to.


I admit it isn't really the ideal way to shoot and event like this, but oh well; no fucks were given. Anyway, the Mako cosplay above was pretty cool since she was in character the whole time. I don't know how people have the energy to do that, but then again i'm out of shape and lazy


This Balrog was seriously the best thing i've seen all day. And all day comprised of ass barely covered by thongs.

This was almost accurate except for the nipples. Titans don't have nipples.


see what I mean?


Day 1 (for me since I went there on Saturday) ended with a nice stroll to the rave party. The dance floor was tightly packed with people that haven't showered or changed their costume for days (well one, day but it sure smelled like it). I tried to go to the hentai viewing room, but the line was long and the body odor overbearing. Me and my friend Anna entertained the thought about hitting up the yaoi room but decided soon after that some things are best left unseen. 


-Day 2-


Day 2 was unplanned, as in I had the intention of going back home around 11pm the day before. It only takes a few drinks and 10 shots to make interesting decisions and thank goodness my friend Kissy happen to answer her facebook message at the last minute and let me crash their hotel party. Well, it wasn't really a party but more like fetish introductory class complete with whips, gloves with weird textures on them and bunny ears. It was an interesting surprise when I came to from a drunken stupor and found myself sitting on a corner while this was happening in front of me. Only Fanime can bring out this level of ratchet.

That "Hhhnnggg" moment when you realized you had 12 too many drinks

Face did, hair did and ready to go and cure this hangover with some bottomless mimosas!

Even the traffic light control boxes were cosplaying

Even this e-cig is cosplaying as a real cigarette


People be cosplaying all sorts of shit, even orange drank.



Whoever this person is, she has more balls than everyone in that line for the hentai room for pulling off this nudist beach Satsuki cosplay. Not a nip slip in sight. You get a fist bump! 

Rape mode: activated

It is useless to resist

Prepare your anus

I lied about Balrog, THIS costume was the coolest thing i've ever seen

Found my future ex bae

Unfortunately, I was on a mission to find Vampy Bit Me but she was no where to be seen. I keep seeing people taking selfies with her on instagram (follow me @gynoceros) at the same location where I was, so I was a bit drunkenly confused. Oh well, there's always next time

And that does it for this year's Fanime. Looking forward to next year's shenanigans! 


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